Democracy and Social Movements Institute (DaSMI) was established in 2003 at Sungkonghoe University. DaSMI has conducted research on various issues of democracy and social movements in order to elaborate alternative theories and to practically contribute to democratization and social movements in Asia as well. To overcome some actual limits and incompleteness of Asian democracies, DaSMI has been developing a radical democracy viewpoint.

The Institute runs three archives.
1) The NGO Resource Center ( is a web-based archiveproviding resources on democracy, social movements, NGOs, etc.
2) The DemocracyResource Center ( collects, compiles, andinvestigates a vast amount of archival resources of social and democratization movements of South Korea. And
3) The Inter-Asia Civil Society archive ( diverse kinds of papers and documents on democracy, social movements and NGOs in Korea. 1) and 2) run in Korean, while 3) runs in English. The Institute also works as a part of the teaching and managing faculty for the Master of Arts in Inter-Asia NGO Studies program, the first MA degree course for Asian social movement and grassroots activists.

Jul 1999
Established 'Institute for Culture and Information Studies'

Dec. 1999
Selected as a 'focus institute' by Korea Research Foundation (KRF)

Dec. 1999 ~ Nov. 2001
Carried out the 1st stage KRF 'focus funding' project: 'Study of Korean history of democracy'

Dec. 2001 ~ Nov. 2003
Carried out the 2nd stage KRF 'focus funding' project: 'Discourse of democracy in Korea: Study of dominance/resistance discourses'

Mar. 2003
Established 'DaSMI' under 'Institute for Culture and Information Studies'

Apr. 2003
Upgraded the ''Institute for Culture and Information Studies' to the 'Center for Culture and Information Studies'

Dec. 2003 ~ Nov. 2005
Carried out the 3rd stage KRF 'focus funding' project: 'Study of democratic alternatives in Korea'

Dec. 2005 ~ Nov. 2008
Comparative study of multi-layered conflicts and crises in 'post-democratization democracies in Asia'

Dec. 2008
Launched the Research Working Group of Radical Democracy, Demos

Dec. 2008 ~
Development of the 'Quality of Democracy' Indicators and Comparative Studies on Democracies in Asia : 'Post-Democratization Democracy' and Asia

Jul. 2011
Held the 2011 Asian Democracy Index Workshop in the Philippines
Aug. 2011
Launched the Consortium for the Asian Democracy Index together with the Center for Democracy and Human Rights Studies (DEMOS), the Center for Political Studies at the University of Indonesia, the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Malaysia at Sarawak, researchers from the University of Delhi, India, and Chulalongkorn University in Thailand.

Aug. 2012
Held the 2012 Asian Democracy Index (ADI) International Conference in the Philippines

Dec. 2012
Launched the Center for Gender Study

May 2013
Launched the labor research working group, Work and People

Jun. 2013
Published the first issue of Asian Democracy Review

Aug. 2013 (Scheduled)
Scheduled to hold the 2013 Asian Democracy Index (ADI) International Conference in Seoul, Korea